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Experts predict that more individuals and businesses will own a web page in the next two years than the total number that exist today. If you donít create a web presence today you may be missing out on one of the most exciting and least expensive forms of promotion and advertising available to you. You may have heard or read the figures on the total number of people who use the internet on a daily basis, well this figure is going to grow exponentially in just the next few years.

If you already know you want a web page skip down to the How Do I Get Started section of this page and look at the pricing plans!

Having an internet presence is almost a necessity today. How often have you been asked what your e-mail address is or if you have a web page? Are you missing business or bookings because people canít get a hold of you or donít know who you are? But where do you start? Do you even have a computer or internet access? Who even has the time and expertise to design and build a professional looking web page? Or how about the time it takes to maintain and update a web page on an ongoing basis? With hundreds of options out there and thousands of new web pages being added to the internet every day it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. Don't be left behind, now is the time to create a web presence for your band or business. But how do go about doing this?

Now you can have your own web page for just pennies a day...

...without all the hassle. Without even knowing anything about computers, the internet, search engines, web hosting, HTML and web page design or any of the other often confusing and conflicting information. Now you can have a web presence that will advertise your band for just pennies a day and you don't have to know a single thing about the internet! AND you will find that the promotional value of having your own web page is more productive and cost effective than any other form advertising you could possibly do -- your web page is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week and available to a potential worldwide audience of millions of people.

Blues On Stage is now offering this special service to help you create and host your own web page.

Blues On Stage will design a web page for you!

We have made it simple to own your own space on the web. Blues On Stage will work with you to design a customized professional looking website complete with pictures, booking information, calendar, Real Audio and more. You will get an e-mail address that will be forwarded to your personal email account. If you donít have email at this time we will show you how to get a free lifetime e-mail address. If you donít have a computer at this time we will handle all the e-mail, product orders and other inquires that come from your web page and forward them to you.

What about keeping my web page up to date?

Good question. Once you have a web page, how do you keep it current? If you donít have the time, money, know-how, or even the equipment how can you possibly keep your web page current and still earn a living? Blues On Stage will do all of this for you. We will update your web page as needed, including your calendar page as new shows are booked. We will make all the changes and updates that are needed to keep your web page fresh, interesting and current.

What will it cost me?

If you were doing this from scratch you would first need a computer, then you would need internet access, then you would need to find a company to host your web page and finally you would need the time and expertise to design and build your own web page. Or you could pay a web design firm anywhere from hundreds to several thousand dollars to build your web page. Most web designers charge from $25 to $50 an hour or more. The time and money commitment is simply prohibitive for many people. With Blues On Stage you get "your own web page for just pennies a day," and you don't even need a computer, let along access to the internet to do it! For a one time design and set up fee and the Basic Plan starting at just $25 per month (with additional options available for clubs, businesses, personal domain name registration and your own web hosting) Blues On Stage will provide the following services:

  • Design a personalized web page for you
  • Provide a home on the internet for your web page
  • Provide you with a personal web page address that you can put on your business card, CD's and press kit
  • Provide you with a personal email forwarding address or permanent email address depending on what option you choose
  • Update your web page on a regular basis, including calendar postings
  • Help you gain instant exposure and recognition on the internet by becoming a member of the Blues On Stage family -- we already have over 3,000 visits a month from blues fans and blues industry professionals
  • Set up CD and product ordering from your website
  • Set up Real Audio clips on your website
  • Submit your website to all the major search engines so your site gets noticed
  • Show you how to get a free lifetime e-mail address
  • As a special BONUS to our clients we will even show you how to get free monthly internet access (this feature along will save you up to $20 per month)
  • ...and much more...

Sounds Good, How Do I Get Started?

Easy, just choose the "Pricing Plan" that fits your needs best, then read the "Common Questions and Terms & Conditions," and then follow the instructions on getting started (or go to the "Sign Me Up" page (below). We will make this a very simple and easy process for you. And before you know it you will have your own web page on the internet, generating more exposure and publicity for your band or business 24 hours a day! You can then be spending your valuable time playing your music and doing what you do best.

Remember, the Blues On Stage website already has very high internet traffic (blues fans, agents, labels and other industry professionals) so your web page will get instant recognition and exposure.

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