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Please Provide The Following Information:

Please print this page out and mail it to us. You can also e-mail this information if you like.

Mail (or ask for my home address):
Ray Stiles
P.O. Box 582983
Minneapolis, MN 55458
Phone: 612-941-0328

You can answer these questions and send them in an e-mail to us or you can send them by mail along with your "additional information" (see below).

Choose The Plan You Want

Personal Domain Name -- $40/mo. ($480 per year paid annually)

Basic Plan -- $25 per month ($300 per year, paid annually)
This plan does not give you your own personal domain name.

Associate Member (if you already have a web page and don't want to switch to our service) -- Details to follow

Custom Services and Plans -- ask for quote

See Pricing Plans Page for complete description of services and plans that you agree to!

Design, Set Up and Transfer Fees

One time design and set up fee for new web page: $400 (for individuals)

One time set up and transfer fee for existing web page: $300 (less if simple transfer and no modifications and more if re-design involved).

Additional charge for logos, graphics and writing (ask for quote)

Custom Services and Plans for special needs (ask for quote on design & set up fee)

Special Offer if you sign up by May 31, 2001:

  • Design and set up fee of $400 is reduced to just $350
  • The partial month your website is first posted is also free!

Payment & Time Table

  • The one time design and set up fee of $___________ is paid when you sign up and we start designing your web page.
  • When we complete your web page we will post it on the web so only you can view it and give us feedback so we can make any corrections and changes (web page design can take from 2 to 8 weeks depending on the complexity and size)
  • Once your web page is completed and final corrections and changes are made you pay the monthly fee in one annual payment. This annual hosting and maintenance fee is paid prior to posting your website on the world wide web.
  • Make checks payable and mail to:
    Ray Stiles
    P.O. Box 582983
    Minneapolis, MN 55458
    Phone: 612-941-0328


Please print out this page, sign and date it below and mail to Blues On Stage along with your design and set up fee (or transfer fee), and above requested information.

"I have selected a web page pricing plan and agree to the listed design and set up fees and annual payment amount appropriate to that plan, including any options. Blues On Stage will provide the services as outlined on the on this page and on the Pricing Plans Page."

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